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StyleCountries and regions
1,234,567.89Australia, Cambodia, Canada (English-speaking; unofficial), China, Hong Kong, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Macau (in Chinese and English text), Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Namibia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru (currency numbers), Philippines, Singapore, South Africa (English-speaking; unofficial), Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and other Commonwealth states except Mozambique, United States.
1234567.89SI style (English version), Canada (English-speaking; official), China, Estonia (currency numbers), Hong Kong (in education), Namibia, South Africa (English-speaking: official), Sri Lanka, Switzerland (officially encouraged for currency numbers only), United Kingdom (in education), United States (in education).
1234567,89SI style (French version), Albania, Belgium (French), Bulgaria, Canada (French-speaking), Costa Rica,), Ukraine, Vietnam (in education).
1.234.567,89Argentina, Austria, Belgium (Dutch), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Croatia (in bookkeeping), Turkey, Uruguay, Vietnam.
1,234,567·89Malaysia, Philippines (uncommon today), Singapore, United Kingdom (older, typically handwritten; in education)
12,34,567.89Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan (see Indian numbering system).
1234567.89Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan (see Indian numbering system).
1'234'567.89Switzerland (computing), Liechtenstein.
1'234'567,89Switzerland (handwriting), Italy (handwriting).
1.234.567'89Spain (handwriting, used until 1980s, inadvisable use according to the RAE).
123,4567.89Mainland China (based on powers of 10 000—see Chinese numerals[citation needed</span>]).
1234567.89Mainland China (based on powers of 10 000—see Chinese numerals[citation needed</span>]).


  • Decimal separator:
  • 小数点


So, for example, twelve thousand five hundred with a decimal of five zero is written differently depending on the country:

In the USA, Mexico, or the UK, it would be written: 12 500.50 or 12,500.50

In Spain, South Africa, or Brazil, it would be: 12 500,50 or 12.500,50

因此,例如,12500 个小数点为 5 个零的写法因国家/地区而异:

在美国、墨西哥或英国,它会写成:12 500.50 或 12,500.50

在西班牙、南非或巴西,它将是:12 500,50 或 12.500,50



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